Real Estate Australia

"The Real Estate Australia is demonstrating that you can't be somewhat pregnant; in the event that you're really affecting opportunity rates by lessening long haul rental stocks, at that point you will affect rents and the lodging market," Professor Phibbs said. "Hobart is the champion since they have the most reduced opening rates in the nation and they've presumably likewise got the most astounding take-up of Airbnb." It's not the first run through Airbnb has experienced harsh criticism for its impact on rents either, with moderate lodging advocate Anglicare sounding the caution in May after its examination discovered leases in visitor hotspots (counting Hobart and NSW's north coast) had seen a "fast decay" in reasonable rental choices.

A different report directed by the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute even found up to one out of seven rental homes in prevalent inward city and beachside urban areas had been changed over from long haul investment properties into transient settlement. Airbnb, notwithstanding, said the report was "profoundly defective".