Partner Programs

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?What is Referral Program and how does it work ?

Referral Program is a set of technical solutions and financial capabilities that have been created for our users who are ready to participate in the development of our company and receive a worthy reward for it. Being a partner, you get reward of 3-Level 7% - 3% - 2% on the deposits made by people you have attracted. The more people you attract, the more they deposit, the more bonuses you will receive.

?Is it necessary to invite new participants ?

Inviting other participants isnt mandatory. You can attract referrals and generate more revenue or receive income only from your own funds.

?Where can I get my referral link and banners ?

You can find your referral link in your Personal account, and banners that you can use in advertising process of our program can be found on the page 'Banners'.